Keep It Clean, Live Green

Keep It Clean, Live Green is a new initiative we decided to pursue and push with Obsidian: The Signature BLK, LLC. The idea behind Keep It Clean, Live Green is being intentional about the ingredients we use to create our candles that our customers love so much! We purposely source from those who agree with us on being Clean and Green. What this also means, is that our wax is clean with no harmful toxins or additives. Our fragrances contain NO Harmful Toxins including but not limited to, Phthalates, Prop 65 Ingredients, and Animal Testing.

We encourage and ask that our customers repurpose their candle vessels when the candle has burned through it's life, versus throwing it in the trash. The vessels are beautiful. Create something wonderful to display in your home!

We reuse packaging if we can from our suppliers, and we use packing peanuts that dissolve in water! Recycle if you can and reuse where you can!

Together we can do our part to Keep It Clean, and Live Green!